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BMW ADAS Calibration

BMW ADAS calibration procedures vary by year and model, even within a particular make. Is your shop prepared to handle all these delicate calibrations? If not, stop sending vehicles to the dealership for BMW ADAS calibration. 

BMW Driver Assistance Systems

Many repair and collision technicians are not experts in calibrating BMW driver assistance systems. Your employees don’t need to be experts, though, because you can count on our highly trained technicians with any BMW ADAS calibration.

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist on manual BMW models helps prevent vehicles from rolling backward after the driver removes their foot from the brake when stopped on a hill. It briefly secures the rear axle of the vehicle, giving the driver time to accelerate without rolling. 

Road Sign Recognition

Road Sign Recognition scans road signs and displays the information on the display, which can help drivers focus on what’s in front of them. This system is often contained within other driver assistance systems like speed limit information, the wrong way assistant, or the right of way warning.

Emergency Brake Assist

Emergency Brake Assist uses sensors to measure the current distance and speed of obstructions or vehicles ahead. This system warns the driver about potential collisions and can apply an appropriate amount of braking in response.

Steering and Lane Guidance Assist

With cameras and sensors, Steering and Lane Guidance Assist detects lane markings to help vehicles stay in the middle of the lane. In some cases, this allows for “Hands-Off” driving. 

Cruise Control

Also known as “Speed Control,” Cruise Control maintains a chosen speed. It can appropriately adjust engine power and speed to the surroundings and is often paired with Distance Control for safety.

Distance Control

Also called Adaptive Cruise Control, Distance Control automatically brakes or accelerates depending on the distance from the vehicle ahead. This system uses sensors to determine the distance from and speed of the other vehicle. Distance Control adds a layer of safety to Cruise Control.

Speed Limit Assist

When you combine Speed Limit Recognition and Distance Control, you get Speed Limit Assist. A camera scans road signs, and software processes all the data and combines it with information from the navigation system to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed when the speed limit changes.

Lane-Change Warning & Lane-Change Assist

Lane-Change Assist uses sensors to monitor the area beside and behind the vehicle, including the blind spot. If a vehicle is in the way when the driver tries to change lanes, Lane-Change Assist will alert the driver to the danger. Lane-Change Assist in some vehicles can even change lanes automatically after the indicator has been set for a few seconds.

Parking Assist

Parking Assist uses camera sensor data and ultrasound to either help a driver safely park or, in some cases, the vehicle can park itself by controlling steering, braking, and acceleration.

Local Northeast Ohio BMW Driver Assistance System Calibration

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