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What is ADAS?

ADAS is an acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These systems come standard in modern vehicles and are responsible for aiding the driver while they’re driving and parking. Blind-spot monitoring systems, rear-traffic proximity alerts, and parking assistance systems are just a few of examples of ADAS.

Is ADAS calibration necessary?

Absolutely! While it may seem like these systems are just “bells and whistles” that don’t need much maintenance, the truth is they need attention just like any other part of a vehicle. It’s especially necessary after performing work on a vehicle that can affect the accuracy of various sensors and safety features.

When should I have an ADAS calibrated?

These systems can be affected by a variety of different factors and need to be properly calibrated after being subject to routine maintenance or service, such as:

-Windshield replacement

-Bumper replacement

-Parking sensor replacement

-Collision repairs

-Wheel Alignment

Can I recalibrate ADAS on my own?

While you technically can perform the necessary calibrations on your own, doing so requires a plethora of training, knowledge, and expensive equipment that can usually only be found in a professional calibration center. Most shops don’t have the time and money to train their employees and purchase the necessary equipment, so we handle all their ADAS needs for them.

How much does ADAS calibration cost?

It depends on which feature needs to be addressed and what exactly needs to be done, but paying for ADAS service is a small price to pay to ensure your customers’ safety and satisfaction. For information on pricing, get in touch with a member of our team.

Why should I choose Weber ADAS Calibration instead of a dealership?

Not only can we provide faster turnaround times than a dealership, but our dedication to our customers allows us to better communicate with them and provide them with a level of personalized service that they simply won’t find anywhere else.

Need help with ADAS repairs or calibrations?

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