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Dodge ADAS Calibration

If you’re like most auto collision or repair shops, your technicians don’t have the tools or training to handle Dodge ADAS calibration. You don’t have to send vehicles to dealerships for those calibrations, however.

Seat weight calibration? Module programming? Headlamp coding? Weber ADAS Calibration can handle all that and more in your shop without the need to send vehicles to another location.

Dodge ADAS Systems

Here are a few of the available or standard Dodge ADAS systems you may encounter on customer vehicles.

ParkView® Back Up Camera and ParkSense® Rear Park Assist

The ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera shows the area behind a vehicle, while ParkSense® Rear Park Assist alerts drivers to obstacles behind the vehicle when it’s in reverse.

Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking

Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning alerts drivers to potential collisions, and if they don’t apply enough pressure to the brakes, Active Braking increases brake force performance to help prevent an accident.

Ready Alert Braking

When sensors detect a quick release of the accelerator pedal that suggests a driver may need to stop suddenly, Ready Alert Braking prepares the brakes for a panic stop.

Rain Brake Support

When the windshield wipers are activated, Rain Brake Support helps keep brake pads dry by applying a small amount of pressure to the calipers to squeegee water off them, which improves stopping power.

Hill Start Assist

On manual transmissions, Hill Start Assist can keep brake pressure for a short time between the release of the brake pedal and the push of the accelerator, which helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward on hills.

Northeast Ohio Dodge ADAS Calibration

No matter what your Dodge ADAS Calibration needs are, Weber ADAS Calibration can help. We have the technology and training to take care of the calibrations you can’t manage, often in your own shop.

Ready to learn more about why Weber ADAS Calibration could be your perfect partner and help you avoid sending customer vehicles to the dealership? Click here or call 440-734-1413 for more information.

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