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Ford ADAS Calibration

Today’s Fords are full of driver-assist technology that the average collision or repair shop doesn’t have the means to calibrate. You don’t need to send vehicles to the dealership for Ford ADAS calibration, though. 

Weber ADAS Calibration is ready to be your partner for Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology ADAS calibrations. Our technicians use the latest tools and training to handle the wide variety of ADAS calibrations required on modern vehicles. 

Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology

If you aren’t familiar with every aspect of Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology, you likely need help with Ford driver assistance system calibration. Here are a few of Ford’s driver-assist technologies you may encounter.

BLIS® Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert

BLIS® Blind Spot Information System detects and alerts drivers to vehicles in their blind spot when they try to change lanes. When backing out of a driveway or parking spot, Cross-Traffic Alert detects traffic behind the vehicle. 

Lane-Keeping System

Ford’s Lane-Keeping System scans a vehicle’s position between the lanes and alerts drivers if they’re starting to get close to the edge of the lane. If the driver drifts a few times, a coffee cup icon tells the driver to pull over and take a break.

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

Pre-Collision Assist scans the road and alerts drivers to vehicles or pedestrians in the path of the car. If the driver doesn’t slow down in time, Automatic Emergency Braking applies the brakes. 

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Incorporating Lane Centering, Stop-and-Go, and Speed Sign Recognition, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control detects and automatically adjusts to speed limit signs as well as slowed or stopped traffic.

Evasive Steering Assist

Sometimes slamming on the brakes isn’t enough to avoid a collision. Evasive Steering Assist provides extra steering support to help maneuver around a stopped vehicle to avoid hitting it.

Reverse Brake Assist

Reverse Brake Assist helps drivers by detecting moving and stationary objects behind a vehicle and alerting the driver. The system can apply the brakes if necessary and can detect cross-traffic vehicles moving up to 37 mph. 

Pro Trailer Backup Assist™

Backing up with a trailer can be difficult. With this feature, drivers turn a knob in the direction they want the trailer to go, and Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ responds. 

Professional Northeast Ohio Ford Co-Pilot360™ Calibration

If your shop isn’t equipped to handle Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology Calibration, you can trust the experts at Weber ADAS Calibration for all your Ford ADAS calibration needs. We have the latest technology and tools to calibrate any part of Ford’s driver-assist systems.

Ready to learn more about how to make Weber ADAS Calibration your Ford Co-Pilot360™ calibration partner? Call 440-734-1413 or click here today!

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