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Lexus ADAS Calibration

Lexus ADAS calibration can be too complicated for many collision and repair shops to handle. Don’t invest in the tools and training to do it yourself. Instead, trust the expert technicians at Weber ADAS Calibration in Northeast Ohio.

We’re prepared to handle all types of Lexus Safety System+ calibrations in our shop.

Lexus Safety System+ Technology

Lexus Safety System+ is an integrated suite of four advanced safety systems now standard on all Lexus models. This technology all works together to help keep drivers safe.

Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection helps detect pedestrians or other cars ahead of the vehicle in certain conditions. It can automatically prepare Brake Assist for increased brake force or automatically brake to help lessen or prevent collisions.

Lane Departure Alert with Lane Keep Assist

Lane Departure Alert with Lane Keep Assist uses a high-resolution camera to see lane markings and figure out the vehicle’s position within the lane. At speeds over 32 mph, the system alerts the driver with visual and audio alerts as well as steering wheel vibrations if it seems the vehicle is drifting out of the lane.

Intelligent High Beams

Intelligent High Beams detect taillights and headlights of cars ahead of the vehicle and automatically switches between high and low beams as appropriate.

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control combines camera and radar technology to maintain a vehicle’s speed while also keeping a set distance behind the vehicle ahead. It can slow the vehicle, even down to a complete stop, then can resume up to highway speeds when the road clears.

Expert Northeast Ohio Lexus Safety System+ Calibration

You don’t need to be prepared for Lexus Safety System+ Calibration in your own shop. Rather than investing in the training and tools required to do it yourself, trust the experts at Weber ADAS Calibration.

Want to learn more about how Weber ADAS Calibration can be your Lexus ADAS calibration partner? Simply click here or call 440-734-1413 to learn more.

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